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& Southern Maine


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A home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it is important to understand the condition of your potential investment. Let Maida Inspection Services perform the thorough, professional inspection you expect, and provide a comprehensive report you can rely on to make an informed decision.

Through observation and assessment of the physical condition of the readily accessible and observable systems, we will help you understand the property before you close on your new home. 

As an ASHI Certified Professional Inspector with over 30 years of experience, Maida Inspection Services has the knowledge to spot problems with materials, construction techniques, finishings, and the multitude of systems that make up a house.


We are dedicated to educating and informing you, the investor, about your potential purchase.

Make the Smartest Move

Call or text: 1-603-819-1986
Office: 1-603-329-5100

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Make the Smart Move
Call or text: 1-603-819-1986
Office: 1-603-329-5100


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"Paul and Brennan were fantastic. They are the most thorough and comprehensive residential and commercial inspectors in the business. There is not even a close second. I have used them repeatedly over the past several years for both residential and multi-family units." More


-Joseph Wadland, Client

What Type of Inspection

do you need?



Home Inspection

A Buyer's home inspection serves to identify any major defects, deficiencies and system inadequacies in the home before you buy.


Often a buyer has the opportunity to renegotiate the purchase price based on inspection findings.


Our home inspectors can save you money!


New Construction Inspection

Even a new build will benefit from a home inspection.


By scheduling a new construction inspection, buyers can ensure all construction has been built to modern building standards, confirm defects aren’t present.


Additionally, buyers can gain insight into potential long-term maintenance needs. 



Home Inspection

By scheduling a Pre-Listing Inspection before putting your home on the market, sellers may gain a competitive edge in pricing and any subsequent negotiations by knowing the conditions prior to listing.


During the inspection, we will also point out defects and deficiencies that you the seller may want to address before listing, making the property more attractive to buyers.


Wood Destroying

Insect Inspection

Termites and Carpenter Ants are a considerable problem in New England and they can do extensive damage to your home or building without you knowing it. Wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections are offered as a stand-alone service or bundled free-of-charge with a home inspection.


Often WDI inspections are required for VA for FHA loan applications.


Commercial Building


A commercial building can be subject to the same deficiencies and maintenance needs as a residential building. Buyers and investors should be aware of deficiencies and system inadequacies.


Often a buyer has the opportunity to renegotiate the purchase price based on inspection findings.


Our building inspectors can save you money!


Home Troubleshooting Investigations

Home troubleshooting investigations (moisture problems, ice dams, pests, etc) in the form of a truncated inspection may be desired by a homeowner needing to comply with an insurance claim,  or to investigate and analyze any specific problems in your home.


A troubleshooting investigation does not replace a full home inspection as related to a real estate transaction.

What we Inspect
  • Foundation

  • Framing

  • Roofing

  • Heating System

  • Cooling System

  • Electrical Service

  • Plumbing

  • Fireplaces

  • Attics

  • Insulation

  • Ventilation

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Garage

  • Built-In Appliances

Your Home Inspection Report


Maida Inspection Services provides its clients with a detailed, narrative style report containing observations, problem analysis and best recommendations plus high-resolution images and detailed general information content about your building.

Our Promise


Maida Inspection Services values its clients and always puts your needs first. We offer support and aim to build a long-term relationship instead of providing just a one-time service.


Contact us today and let’s work together on your next home inspection.

Inspections and/or Reports performed by Maida Service, Inc. conform to the current Standards of Practice of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (266 CMR), or the State of New Hampshire (Home 603.02 ) and/or the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

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