What People Say About Maida Services


"Paul and Brennan were fantastic. They are the most thorough and comprehensive residential and commercial inspectors in the business. There is not even a close second. I have used them repeatedly over the past several years for both residential and multi-family units. In addition they are also tremendous people who are considerate and thoughtful.


Their reports are thorough, comprehensive and professionally written and they follow up on any and all questions you have even long after their report is complete. If you are purchasing a property you are doing yourself a disservice unless you hire Maida Inspection Services."

-Joseph Wadland, Client


"Paul offers an exceptional home inspection. I am a Real Estate Agent based out of Tewksbury MA and have worked with Paul for over 20 years. He is one of my few go to home inspectors that I feel comfortable recommending when I work as a buyer's agent.

Paul is very detailed on the information he provides. Not only does he discuss current issues that may be found in a home, but he also discusses ongoing maintenance with a potential home owner. His reports are easy to understand and he provides many photographs as well.

Paul is also readily available after the inspection to clarify any issues with a home buyer."

I highly recommend Maida services

-Kevin Vitali - Real Estate Agent


"Paul, Thank you for the inspiring home inspection you performed today. I am grateful for your thorough and knowledgeable inspection of this property. I am glad it's a suitable place to purchase. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for inspecting the other property located in Lunenburg, MA. Your expertise saved me from making a huge mistake there. Thank you again for everything, I will highly recommend your services."

-Lisa T. Lunenburg, MA


"We have hired Maida Service for 3 home inspection now, and his services have proven invaluable. He is extremely efficient and detail oriented and gives a very thorough report. We recommend him highly."

-Karen ODonohue, Client


"Dear Paul: Just a short note of thanks for the time spent with me and the inspection report generated in the above captioned matter. I was very impressed with the apparent thoroughness with your work. Thanks."

-James Kaklamanos, Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Nashua, NH


"Paul Maida, and his associate Brennen, were excellent- I cannot recommend his services enough and will continue to use him, and pass his contact information to anyone who will listen, for as long as he is still in the home inspection business.

My wife and I were referred to Paul by my parents, who had previously used his services for their own home inspection. When we arrived at the home, Paul was already waiting for us in the driveway. He explained that he had already walked the property, been on the roof, and inspected the chimney. Paul was very friendly and honestly seemed excited about inspecting the home- you can tell that he is passionate about his work within the first 5 minutes of meeting him. He then walked the outside of the property with me, which took about 45 minutes, pointing out EVERYTHING about the roof, siding, windows, and even the slope of the ground near the foundation. He pointed out both the good and the bad, even if it was seemingly minor. That continued through the garage, living space, basement and attic (including crawl spaces)- this was not an hour-long once-over, it was a detailed in-depth examination. Not only does he point out the good and bad, but he will also give you general information that is extremely valuable as a 1st time home buyer, from general maintenance recommendations to upgrade possibilities. Additionally, he discusses how serious an issue is and whether it can be deferred long-term, mid-term, or needs to be taken care of soon (or right now!). Throughout the inspection, he and his assistant took numerous pictures of the issues he pointed out. He followed up within a day with the inspection report, which was an encyclopedia of information. He uses arrows in the pictures throughout the report to highlight issues and uses a 4-point scale to show an item's condition, with a detailed explanation of the issue and next steps to take underneath. The report was a fantastic tool to evaluate the house and, with a few outside estimates, the amount of money needed to get it where we want it. The report can be used for years into the future to plan upgrades and maintenance schedules. Also, it needs to be mentioned that Paul will continue to provide you support even after delivering the report by way of answering any follow up questions.

In summary, Paul Maida's services are well worth every cent for the value he provides. Between his friendly demeanor, obvious love of examining homes, his attention to detail and deep knowledge of home construction, he is your BEST FRIEND if you are considering buying a home (or preparing to sell)! I left the inspection feeling much more confident that I had a good grasp on the home's pros and cons, and that I knew the next steps to take in evaluating its value. While this was my first home inspection, I feel very confident in saying that Paul is a cut above the rest."

-Steve Ross, Client


"I'm a first-time homebuyer and needed a lot of help and coaching. Fortunately, Brennen was my Inspector and he was terrific in the way he explained everything. He was talking to me while he was going through the entire house, went at my pace with questions and concerns and further added insight about immediate needs and long-term goals with the house. More importantly, he put my mind at ease when it came to the inspection process, allowing me to go forward in purchasing the home.


Lastly, I was up against the 10 days in order to submit my inspection, so Brennen was able to write up part of the report and include the images that I could send as part of the negotiation. It was an extra step for him that was very appreciated. I've learned that there are a lot of anxious portions of buying a house, but Brennen and the Maida Services team made the inspection piece of it easy and informational."

-Brian Maurer, Client


"Whether you are buying or selling property, I strongly recommend the skilled, professional services of Maida Inspection Services, Inc. I have been fortunate to have Paul Maida and his associate, Brennen Swanson, provide comprehensive home inspection reports on two residential homes I am preparing for sale. Based on their detailed analysis of the properties, I have been able to identify and prioritize repairs to ensure the properties are in prime condition and there would be no last minute surprises when the homes are sold.

Their approach to a home inspection is not a quick once-through scan of the property features either. Paul and Brennen devote extensive time evaluating every part of the interior and exterior of house and its systems (electrical, HVAC, roof, siding, etc.). In their report, they rate the issues and concerns they have identified on a user-friendly four point scale, and provide documentation and useful information along with clearly marked photos of the subject issues. And, the turn-around time from on-site inspection to receipt of the final property report was only two days, very impressive for such a comprehensive evaluation of property conditions.

Bottom Line: They are extremely cost effective, provide a high quality and extremely detailed home evaluation in a timely manner, and I would not hesitate to use their services again."

-Bob Ross, Client