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Radon Air Testing

Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services performs Radon Air Testing (at additional cost) in conjunction with any commercial, NH or MA home inspection. We use an EPA/RMP certified radon laboratory and EPA approved radon testing devices.

Radon levels do vary depending on geographical location, as well as house to house. The EPA and the Surgeon General recommend testing all homes below the third floor for radon. The highest concentration of radon will typically be found in the level of the home closest to the ground. Usually, the radon concentration decreases at each successive level above the basement unless, you have excessive radon in your water. Since radon is a colorless and odorless gas, testing is the only way to find out radon levels.

Some hardware stores (and other retailers) do offer "do-it-yourself" Radon Air test kits. If you choose to purchase a radon air test kit like this, be aware that you may need to purchase two to be a comparable test - many are sold with only one canister or vial, like the one pictured on the right. Another consideration should be that buyers who are in the process of purchasing a home, are usually limited by a certain number of days to receive MA & NH home inspection reports before they have to sign a final contract. Buyer's usually need their radon air test results during that time frame. Sometimes, it is not advisable to purchase a do-it-yourself radon air test to perform this test yourself - your test results may not come back in a timely fashion.

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Testing Services

Air & Water Testing Available

The EPA recommends testing all homes; even new construction that has been built with radon-resistant features.

To ensure the quality of Radon Air Test results for your NH or MA home inspection, the home should be closed up 12 hours before, and, for the duration of the radon air test. (Click here to see complete instructions.) Our regular $85.00 fee includes a two canister radon air test (EPA protocol), being placed by the inspector on the day of the NH or MA home inspection and, we provide a postage paid priority mailer. We ask that either you or someone you designate (someone that has access to the property), return to the property two days later, seal the canisters and bring them in to a postal clerk. We include processing, analysis, report, etc. Test results are usually available within 5 days and we provide our clients with serial numbers to access their Radon Air Test results on-line.

If you are a home buyer that has a scheduled home inspection with us, and, you are debating Radon Air Testing during your NH or MA home inspection because you don't think you have enough time to get results, Maida Home NH & MA Home Inspection Services offers our clients three suggestions to help expedite results depending on their needs. When canisters are placed on the day of the inspection by the inspector:

  1. On the day the canisters are scheduled to be sealed and picked up, you could hand deliver the Radon Air Test to the Laboratory. (This is usually the best option.)

  2. The day the canisters are sealed, you could use an Currier you are comfortable with to "overnight" mail the radon canisters to the Laboratory, instead of using the provided priority mailer. (You would be responsible for the additional charges from the Currier.)

  3. Alternatively, if the above options still do not accommodate your time frame, you should contact an accredited Laboratory that offers radon air testing, and perform this test in advance of your MA or NH home inspection to meet your deadlines. (You would be responsible for ensuring protocols, mailing/delivering Radon Air canisters to the Laboratory and any associated fees.)

In any case above, make sure the canisters are properly sealed and all information on the accompanying form is complete at the end of the test. (Our Laboratory will not analyze canisters without complete information.) Take care in following protocols to ensure accurate test results.

Radon Water Testing


Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services performs Radon Water Testing (at additional cost) in conjunction with a home inspection or as an additional service. If you have tested your home for radon in the air, have elevated levels and live on a private water supply, the Department of Environmental Services recommends you also have your water tested for radon.

When water travels through the granite it may come into contact with a radium source that is in the process of breaking down into radon gas. If you live in an area where there is an abundance of granite, high levels of radon may be formed. When water travels through the granite that is releasing radon it may enter into the groundwater, which could then be transported to your well.


When dish washing, showering and doing laundry radon can escape from water which can raise the radon level of the air within the home. The "radon transfer ratio" predicts the increased radon level of indoor air in a home due to the off-gassing of radon from the water. The transfer ratio can be very different from home to home. In comparison to radon entering your home through water, radon entering your home through soil then up through the foundation (and/or other openings) usually contributes to the largest percentage of radon found in a home.


If the home you are buying or selling is on a private well, it is usually best to schedule radon water testing when you schedule your home inspection. (Click here to read testing instructions.) With that, you can make the final decision to perform radon water testing on-site with the inspector. Our fee includes the inspector drawing the sample on the day of inspection and delivery to the laboratory. We include processing, analysis, report, etc. Results are usually available within 5 days. We provide you with internet address to view the results in *.PDF format. You should also print/save them as results are available for a limited time. Remember, the devices and procedures are different for radon air and radon water testing.


The benefits of Radon testing are: If radon is found the buyer can request that the seller perform mitigation (or removal to acceptable levels), and, removal of a carcinogenic substance. 

Comprehensive Water Testing


Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services performs Comprehensive Water Testing (at additional cost) in conjunction with a home inspection or as an additional service. 

What is in your drinking water? Well water can be subject to contamination from surface water or naturally occurring elements within the ground. Performing a comprehensive water test can inform a homeowner of the presence of these contaminants and if there is a need for water filtration.


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