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Should I test for Radon?

Should you, the home buyer purchase a radon air testing when the house you're trying to buy already has a radon [air] mitigation system?

First, lets re-cap Radon. According to the US EPA: Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. Right about now you’re thinking “okay, if radon is cancer-causing where and what is the dilemma?” So allow me…

It is always Maida Services recommendation to test. But, the decision comes down to which is going to help you sleep at night.

The NO test argument:  “We have a short time line and I don’t think we can wait for test results…”  Or, after dullay noting that the property being purchased has a mitigation system installed, and, that system’s sole purpose is to remove radon: ” I don’t think I need to pay for a radon test, it’s extra money that I don’t need to spend…” Consider that if / when a radon mitigation system is professionally installed, it’s usually tested to make sure that its working. A simple test can help determine whether an existing system may need to be repaired or upgraded.

The YES test argument: “There doesn’t seem to be any info available on the mitigation system…” or, “I don’t care that this house has a fancy radon mitigation system with ALL the bells and whistles – I want it tested…” Consider that the system may have a continuous monitoring system which could provide read-outs as to the radon levels. Not to mention the probability of the system’s failure warning device.

Pro’s & Con’s: If you don’t have the property tested for radon, are you going to wonder if you should have tested after you’ve moved in? If you have the property tested and you are affirmed that the mitigation system is in fact performing it’s function – Did you waste the time and extra money to find out the system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do? Are you glad you tested because the system needs upgrades?

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