Testing A/C in winter?

When you purchase a new home with central air conditioning, its understandable you would want your home inspector to perform an evaluation of the condition of the installed cooling system, and this is typically not a problem during the warmer months. However, when the outdoor temperature is less than 65 degrees F. operating the compressor unit may cause damage.

It's for this reason, the State and association's Standards of Practice, which Maida Services abides by, prohibit the operation of cooling system when conditions do not allow for the safe operation. Maida Inspection services will always attempt to perform a visual inspection of equipment when possible.

A visual inspection can help determine the age of equipment and any visual defects in need of repair.

If the cooling system can not be safety operated, Maida Inspection Services always recommends you consult with an HVA/C technician to perform a system startup when weather permits safe operation of cooling equipment.

Inspection of the compressor unit data plate raveled this component was installed in 2013 making is 7 years old at time of inspection.